I am a professional freelance retoucher based in Sheffield, England.

I work with busy photographers, art directors, product designers and project managers from across the UK that require flawless imagery, often delivered to very tight deadlines.

There are usually certain constraints on what can be achieved in-camera on the day of a shoot. Time, resources, the quality and availability of correct product samples, last minute design changes, shifts in creative direction; these are just some of the factors that make post-production work an indespensible part of the creative process.

Whether you need a single image retouched to perfection, or a batch of shots graded, cutout and cleaned, my experience, attention to detail, and appreciation of light, texture and tone ensures your creative vision will be realised.

Digital Darkroom and Retouching Services:

  • Digital Image Grading
  • Product Photo Retouching
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Body Retouching and Shaping
  • Colour correction
  • Background Removal / Replacement
  • Animated GIFS
  • Photographic Composites